Healthy Campers

Our Health Center


Our goal is to provide the safest and healthiest environment for your child! Our state-of-the-art Marcus Health Center is staffed by a resident physician and 4 to 5 Registered Nurses, all of whom live at Camp and are on-call 24 hours a day. Our staff are fully equipped to handle a range of medical and dietary issues, and we will work closely with each family to assure that your child feels comfortable and safe with us. A number of additional medical care facilities are readily available and can be reached within 4 miles of Camp in Cleveland, 25 miles away in Gainesville, and 60 miles away in Atlanta.

Any camper who takes medication while at Camp must have it filled and packaged through PersonalRX (formerly called CampRX). Orders are due to PersonalRX by May 5th for first session campers and June 2nd for second session campers. Please use the links below to access additional information about medications at Camp Barney.

Please remember, we cannot accept medications at the bus unless you have prior approval (including refrigerated meds). To request a pre-approval form, please email If medications are brought on opening day without prior approval, we will hold out 3 doses and require that the script be rush ordered and filled out by PersonalRX and shipped directly to Camp. Any expedited fees will apply. Packaging through PersonalRX will ensure safe and efficient medication administration for your child.

Our Dining Hall


Our 18,000 sq ft. historic timber Dining Hall is a centerpiece of life at Camp Barney. It truly embodies our sense of community, and the food’s pretty great, too! Three meals each day are served family-style from our Kosher kitchen, and a host of options are available for each child – whether they have serious food allergies or dietary concerns or are just a plain picky eater! Our food service director actively creates menus with our chefs to handle virtually every food allergy and dietary restriction. Each meal served will have vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and tree and peanut-free options, among several others. We also offer a fully-stocked salad bar at every meal to give kids more healthy choices.

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