Why Camp Barney Medintz

The activities are endless and the counselors are stellar. Adventure abounds and Jewish identity is solidified. For a real peek into the magic that is Camp Barney Medintz, we’ve shared with you these words from parents of CBM Summer 2014 campers.

The month my children are at Camp Barney is when they are truly their happiest and most confident selves. I love that my son, Max, who is a big sports player, chose this month of camp over summer travel baseball. I love that my son, Avi, dances freely in the dining hall and puts a spoon on his nose throughout meals. I love that Noa is beyond imaginative here. At Camp Barney, my children are not afraid to put themselves out there. What an amazing place this is. Thank you for everything that you and your staff have given our family. Just know that your dedication, energy, and commitment does not go unnoticed. Thank you for making Camp Barney Medintz our family’s summer place for years to come.
– Michelle Y., Atlanta, GA

I just got back from the buses as Sam, Max, and Evie returned home from Camp Barney, and just want to thank you for making their summers so memorable every year. Each summer is better than the previous summer and they say without hesitation that they are definitely going back next year. You all have done something magical at Camp Barney, and I hope you are at it for many more years because of your devotion, enthusiasm, and passion for Camp Barney, the staff, the kids and the programs that you provide each summer means a lot to my kids and me. I imagine that I am speaking for many parents who are fortunate to send their kids to Camp Barney. You all have shaped our kids as people, given them some independence, and have provided experiences that they will use the rest of their lives. I can’t thank you all for everything you have done for my children and family.
– Michael D., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for a great summer at Barney! Our kids had a blast! Asher has declared that he would like to return for 8 weeks, Shai is plotting how we can get him to all the Bar Mitzvahs of the boys in his cabin (New York, Sarasota, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, etc.), and Ede shed not one tear of homesickness. I think what put it best was when we asked on the ride home ‘what was the best and worst part of camp?’ and the answer across the board was ‘the best part was going and the worst part was leaving.’ Thank you!!
– Rabbis Laurie and Flip R., Nashville, TN

Here I sit, in the silence of anticipation of the return of my campers tomorrow. You must have a margin of understanding the miraculous impact you all have on campers, staff, parents, and communities, but I’m writing to tell you it is so much more. Lucy and Ethan start counting down the days to next summer the minute they get off the bus. Thank you for helping shape my children into more confident and more complete people.
– Sherrie R., Atlanta, GA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The boys had their best summer yet! We are so appreciative to you for their incredible counselors and cabin. There were no complaints when they came home, only smiles and dirty feet – all great signs of a terrific summer! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Julie and Jonathan E., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for an amazing summer! As the inevitable tears flowed upon Sydney and Haley’s return, followed by incessant texting, face-timing and group chatting with those they hadn’t seen in “hours”, it occurred to me that it’s the one time a year it’s an actual joy to watch that sort of behavior because I know it means they had the time of their lives and they don’t want it to end! Haley’s closest friends, from Georgia to North Carolina to Ohio and Maine, communicate almost every day, go to each other’s Bat Mitzvahs, plan reunions, and countdown to CBM every year. And their counselors were ‘funny, outgoing, helpful, easy to know, nice, understanding, attentive, and the best counselors they ever had’ which is saying a lot because they’ve loved them all! CBM holds a special place in our hearts now and forever.
– Nancy and Steve J., Atlanta, GA

Thanks for yet another fantastic summer at CBM! I’m not sure how it is possible that each summer is better than the previous one. Thank you for creating an environment that so thoroughly encourages self-confidence, friendship, and Jewish pride. We are forever a Barney family!
– Nancy A., Raleigh, NC

Thank you for everything you did to make two of our kids have a terrific camp experience. Syd loves being there and now, Isaac does, too. He came back in one piece, relatively clean, very happy, and more independent. They’re already talking about next summer at Camp Barney!
– Stacy and Manny F., Atlanta, GA

Daniel is home after an incredible month at Camp Barney – truly an amazing experience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you…I truly believe this JIT year was life changing.
– Jodi B., Birmingham, AL

We knew going away and being able to do lots of new things would be fun for our daughter, Rachel. We knew meeting new Jewish friends from different places would be awesome. We knew roughing it would be worthwhile. We want you to know that our expectations were far exceeded. Perhaps the most important part was the spirituality. She looked forward to Friday night and Saturday morning services where everyone celebrated as a community and no one was judged by their degree of involvement elsewhere. New skills, experiences, self-confidence, and high self-esteem were among the results. Her counselors were ‘the best’ – kind, sincere, and gave them enough space to foster independence, but also enough guidance to let them know they were safe. Thank you for giving Rachel an amazing summer at Camp Barney!
– Ami and Dave E., Birmingham, AL

I just want to share how amazing Morgan’s JIT experience was. She loved the unity and the bonds made this year, and “solo” was also amazing. The letter she wrote home during her solo enabled her to reflect on her past year, and I think she realized so much about herself. Todd and I will cherish that letter forever. Thanks for providing a loving, nurturing camp that kids feel safe, take risks, make good choices, and learn from the not so good choices. Our family is truly grateful for this one of a kind summer experience at Camp Barney.
– Christina E., Nashville, TN

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