What To Bring/What Not To Bring

What To Bring

For your convenience, a suggested clothing and equipment list is provided below. Please be sure each item is clearly marked with camper’s name. Duplicating this list and placing it inside luggage facilitates easier packing at the end of the session. Ample built-in “cubby” space is provided in each cabin for storage.

The temperature at Camp is quite nice, allowing for shorts and T-shirts during the day (85-95 degrees). Slightly warmer clothing may be recommended during the evenings (65-75 degrees). All clothing and personal items should be plainly marked with indelible markers or sewn-on tags. Please limit luggage to 2 pieces per child: Please use duffel bags or any other type of soft-sided luggage. We recommend you send old clothes as most activities occur outdoors and campers enjoy the freedom of not worrying about stains or the “impact of Georgia red clay!” We also recommend that children assist with packing their luggage. Laundry will be washed three times during each four-week session and twice during each two-week session.


***(Necessary!) CBM water bottles are available for purchase online or in the CBM Winter Office for only $12. Campers of all ages should have these water bottles – to reduce waste/remain hydrated. We will distribute to your child(ren) upon their arrival if you choose to order CBM Nalgene water bottles.

ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR TEEN CAMPERS: (those campers completing grades 6, 7, 8)
2 pair wool socks
2 bandanas
2 water bottles (Nalgene-type)

ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR JIT CAMPERS: (beyond teen camper’s list for those campers completing 9th grade)
Lantern (battery operated)

What Not To Bring

All campers and staff may not bring anything to Camp that is dangerous and could cause injury or destroy property. Those who bring illegal drugs, alcohol, fireworks, or weapons of any kind will be dismissed. Other items indicated below are inappropriate for camp and therefore not permitted. Should they be discovered, they will be taken away and/or discarded and we will contact you to discuss whether your child will be permitted to remain at CBM. SEE LIST:

Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, lighters, matches
Cellular telephones
Walkie talkies
Pocket knives
Food, sodas, etc.
iPods, iTouches, iPads (or any electronic device that connects to the Internet)

Large electronic games, TVs
Inappropriate music
Inappropriate/sexualized clothing
Parents: Please supervise packing your child(ren)’s luggage!

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