Food And Packages

Camp Barney’s package policy is meant to balance the needs and wishes of parents, campers and staff with safety, kosher dietary laws, wildlife, and feasibility of distribution. We understand that it is fun for parents, relatives, and friends to send things to their campers while they are at camp, but we need to control what is entering camp.

Packages cannot contain food for a variety of reasons:

  1. The most important reason is that with the prevalence of food allergies, sending food to your child may put others at risk. We want to keep all campers safe and the presence of a particular food can turn into a life threatening situation.
  2. Camp Barney is a kosher camp and we have many campers who follow kosher dietary laws throughout the year, so we choose to be respectful of them.
  3. While at camp, your child is living in the woods. Having snacks or candy attracts mice and other “wildlife” into cabins which is uncomfortable for everyone. In the event that we believe that a package contains anything that could lead to a problem, we will open the package and deliver everything that is appropriate to your child.

We appreciate your cooperation with this package policy. We are seeking to balance the enjoyment that campers have when they receive mail from their families and friends with the risks associated with what comes into camp, and believe this policy achieves those goals. Thank you.

Please be aware that Sealed with a Kiss offers camp-friendly care packages. Please go to and find something that will be fun for your child.