Camp Barney families will have two options for arrival and departure from camp in 2021, which are different from past summers.

We will not be offering chartered buses this year from Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, or elsewhere, or permit families to drive onto the CBM campus. We will have coach buses available to return campers to Birmingham and Charlotte.



  1. Drive in your private vehicle from your home to a location in Cleveland, Georgia approximately 4 miles from CBM. The location will likely be one of the White County schools, where we will conduct first day screening before campers board coach buses for the 4 mile drive to CBM. Luggage drop off will also occur at this location.
  2. Families driving to Cleveland, Georgia in your private vehicle should include only your family. Please do not carpool with members of other families.
  3. Families will receive easy and clear directions for this 1 hour and 20-minute drive from metro-Atlanta. Directions will also be easy and clear for:
    • Your assigned drop-off time.
    • Luggage drop-off.
    • Parking/remaining in your car for pre-camp screening.
    • Goodbyes and departure!
    • CBM will have coach buses frequently shuttling campers and staff by age/grade groups for the four-mile journey to Camp Barney.
    • On all coach buses from Cleveland, Georgia, adult chaperones will guide campers to wear masks and to sit one per row to enable proper physical distancing.


Campers will fly with parent or group chaperones to and from their home city via Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport. For flights with 8 or more campers, we will seek (and reimburse flight expenses for) a chaperone to supervise and escort the campers. Families with campers on a flight with fewer than 8 campers will be required to have an adult fly with their camper and escort them through the airport. We will identify our predetermined flight from your home city.

Upon arrival in Atlanta, parents/chaperones will escort campers from the gate to our CBM coach buses. As campers depart through the airport on the final day of the session, parents/chaperones will escort them from our CBM coach buses, through check-in, and to their gates.

CBM chaperones will supervise campers on the coach buses. They will guide campers to wear masks and sit one per row to enable proper physical distancing.

Additional information about air travel and luggage to and from CBM can be found here.