1. For 14 days prior to arrival/the first day of your camp session at CBM, campers and staff members will be asked to follow CDC recommended behaviors including proper hygiene, good handwashing, ample rest, good nutrition, appropriate face masks covering mouth and nose when around others beyond your household, and daily monitoring and reporting of health and any/all COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Several days prior to arrival/the first day of your staff training, staff members will be required to have one molecular PCR test with a negative result.

We ask that campers and staff members quarantine at home – avoiding contact with anyone not in your household – for several days before your molecular PCR test through your arrival at camp. The health and safety of our Camp community is a partnership with all of our CBM families and staff. Please help us to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our camp community by observing our recommendations prior to camp.

  1. Staff members who receive a positive test several days prior to arrival should contact us immediately and NOT board a plane or plan to travel to camp.
  1. In addition to the requirements above, all staff members will be required to arrive at CBM for a designated number of days prior to campers to quarantine, take a PCR test, and receive a negative result. More information will be shared with our staff members in the Spring.