Anyone who has not yet received 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine AND/OR is not 2 weeks BEYOND the second dose

There are four pre-arrival requirements for all UNVACCINATED campers:


During the 2 weeks prior to camp, we request that all campers minimize activities outside their home and take steps to keep themselves and those around them healthy including:

  • Following all local and CDC guidance regarding masking, social distancing, proper hygiene, and good handwashing.
  • Avoiding gatherings with those outside of your household as much as possible. If a gathering is necessary, all participants should be masked and maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from each other. The gathering should be outdoors or in a well-ventilated space.

The health and safety of our Camp community is a partnership with all of our CBM families and staff. Please help us to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our camp community by observing our recommendations prior to camp.


All parents will be asked to answer two questions each day for one week prior to their arrival at Camp. Please go into your CampInTouch account by 5pm each day in the one week leading up to opening day of your session.


A vital part of keeping our camp community safe this summer will be the schedule of testing we are planning on administering. We have partnered with Healthcare IT Leaders who will be performing our testing this summer.

We are requiring that every family register each of their campers into the Track-My-Results/ Healthcare IT portal. It is within this portal where all test results throughout the summer will be sent.

Additionally, the registration into this portal will allow parents/ guardians to sign the electronic HIPPA form which is required in order to proceed on opening day.

All families will receive the link to the portal within 3 weeks prior to camp. Once you receive the link, please make it a point to register.


All campers will be required to take a molecular test (also known as PCR testing) within 72 hours of their departure for Camp. Each family is responsible for making their own appointments for this test. If you believe it will take more than 3 days to receive the results of a PCR test in your area, contact the Camp Barney office for approval to take the PCR test earlier.

Session Opening Day Take test on or after
First Session & CBMX & 2-week A June 6 June 3
2-week B June 20 June 17
Second Session & 2-week C July 5 July 1
2-week D July 19 July 16

We ask that campers quarantine at home – avoiding contact with anyone not in your household – beginning 3 days before your molecular PCR test and continuing until traveling to Camp.

Once the results of the pre-camp PCR test are available, a certificate or notice of a NEGATIVE result MUST be uploaded into each camper’s CampInTouch account. A screenshot of the negative test result will suffice.

The certificate or notice (screenshot) should be uploaded under the title PRE-CAMP PCR TEST RESULT CAMPERS no later than 1 day prior to opening/arrival day.

  • The certificate or notice (screenshot) MUST have the person’s name, date of test, and negative test result all present within the document.

Campers will not be allowed to enter Camp if this has not been submitted.

Campers who receive a positive test result prior to arrival are required to contact David Fried, Assistant Director, immediately at David.fried@atlantajcc.org and/or 678-205-9561 and should NOT board a plane or plan to travel to Camp.

UPON THE RECEIPT OF A NEGATIVE TEST RESULT: A confirmation email will be sent once the PRE-CAMP PCR TEST RESULT CAMPERS form is approved (by 10pm the evening of submission).

Once you receive the confirmation email, it is imperative that you complete the following steps:

  1. Print the email as confirmation and make sure to bring it with you to show Camp Barney personnel at White County High School or airport upon arrival. Campers will NOT be permitted to follow the opening day onboarding process unless this confirmation is present.
  2. The confirmation email, as noted above, will also remind families about registering for the Healthcare IT portal. Healthcare IT will be performing opening/arrival day testing. Make sure to register for this portal. You will be asked to show the registration to this portal upon entry to the testing site on opening/arrival day.
  3. Upon registration in the Healthcare IT portal, parents or guardians must sign the HIPAA minor consent form. This form should be printed out and brought with the confirmation email as noted above.

For a review of all pre-camp protocols, please watch this helpful video.

Anyone who has received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and is 2 weeks BEYOND the second dose

  1. Campers who are at least 2 weeks BEYOND their second dose of the vaccine are no longer are required to get the pre-camp PCR test prior to their arrival. Additionally, vaccinated campers will no longer need the Day 0 and Week 1 test as previously communicated. We will only test vaccinated campers if they are symptomatic at any point throughout the summer. Vaccinated campers will still be involved in our daily symptoms check and will also adhere to our masking policies.
  2. If a camper should fall into #1 above, please follow the following steps to upload your camper’s vaccination card.
    1. Step 1: Log into your CampInTouch account
    2. Step 2: Click Forms and Documents
    3. Step 3: Click “Vaccination Card Upload” as shown below.
    4. Step 4: Click “Upload” and upload your vaccination form no later than June 1 for June campers and June 30 for July campers.
  • Upon the receipt of the camper’s vaccination card, you will receive an email confirmation that must be printed and brought to opening day as a ticket to proceed past the rapid antigen test. 
  • The card should have the camper’s full name and the dates of both COVID-19 vaccination does (the second dose MUST be beyond 2 weeks prior to opening day. Vaccination cards that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted and those campers will need to adhere to our pre-camp requirements for unvaccinated campers.