We will operate a virtually closed community as part of our commitment and plan to keep everyone safe.  Guest staff and parents/guardians will not be permitted to enter our community this summer.  We will follow protocols for any ‘in and out’ moments – i.e.  off-site medical visits, staff who live off-site (facility staff, housekeeping), staff employed after the beginning of our first session (medical staff, office staff and 2nd session staff), etc.  Staff will arrive early, be tested, and will remain in our camp community during their time off.

The American Camp Association currently advises overnight camps against off-site trips. At this time, we will not be offering off-site trips.  We will continue to monitor these guidelines pertaining to trips (where separation from the public is feasible) and provide updates as we approach our summer season.

We will create an awesome “life for staff” at camp this summer!  Staff will have an opportunity to become involved in active staff committees, creating time and opportunities during days-off and time-off.

Staff committees will plan programs, events, snacks and moments under our gigantic new tent positioned near the beach (for relaxing, music, s’mores and other food), in the dining hall (for karaoke, team trivia, games, music and food), around camp (for “night camp” activities for staff like tie-dyeing, swimming, hoops, yoga and food), in the Chippie (movies), in designated cabins or spaces (for days-off and time-off).  We’ll also schedule time at night for all-staff meetings, unit and specialty area meetings, and committees planning “mitzvah projects” for campers and camp.  And, we’ll arrange necessary/desired “services” for staff – i.e.  laundry, supplies, etc.  We’ll share even more updates “life for staff” in the spring!