Contact Camp Barney

You are always welcome to email us at and we will direct your inquiry to the right person.

Lisa Light, Office Manager

Contact Lisa about: general camp questions, remaining spaces available, forms for campers and staff, camp tours, communication at camp

Dave Weinberg, Associate Director

Contact Dave about: scheduling, security, vendor relations

Emily Shapiro, Assistant Director, Camper Experience

Contact Emily about: camper experience, information about your camper, our Chalutzim program for campers with special needs,  our inclusion program, jobs as a counselor, unit head, or member of the community care team

Julian Levin, Assistant Director, Specialty Areas

Contact Julian about: jobs as an activity specialist or manager of a specialty area, new specialty programs at camp, or campwide programs

Rachel Salba, Business Operations Director

Debbie Medintz Jacobs, Community Engagement Director

Contact Debbie about: virtual info sessions, CBM merchandise, donations to CBM, photos, social media, marketing, alumni relations, hosting international staff, feedback about camp

Kate Stansfield, Food Service Director

Contact Kate about: dining experiences at Camp Barney, special diets, food allergies, or anything else food service related.

Adam Tessler, Operations Director

Contact Adam about: operations and logistics, transportation, or camp facilities

Fran Harrell, Registrar and Travel Administrator

Contact Fran about camper applications and registration, staff applications, your online CampInTouch account, transportation to and from camp, shipping luggage

Eliya Brog, Business Operations Assistant

Contact Eliya about camper account balances, billing, vendor invoices, staff contracts, payroll, or onboarding paperwork

Barbara Vahaba, Financial Assistance Coordinator

Contact Barbara about financial assistance opportunities for campers

Courtney McCallister, Marcus Health Center Administrative Director
Contact Courtney about the Marcus Health Center, medications at camp, or employment opportunities in the Marcus Health Center

Danny Herz, Executive Director