Summer 2020 Activities, Videos, Resources, and More!

Even though we weren’t able to gather together at “Our Summer Place” in 2020, we found that the Camp Barney Medintz community is stronger than ever. We wanted to make sure there was one place where you can keep track of everything that the Camp Barney team and community created for Summer 2020.

For information about the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 Summer sessions, please see our Cancellation Announcement.



Ongoing Events

S’Bread The Love Challenge

We could all use a little more connection these days. Our talented and wonderful chefs from the Old City Kitchen started the S’Bread The Love challenge to encourage members of the CBM community to bake Challah for their friends, family, and neighbors in the CBM community. If you want to start the challenge (or if you’ve been challenged), all you need to do is:

  • Bake 2 Challah
  • Deliver each to a CBM family (please maintain social distancing)
  • Snap a photo and share to Facebook (use the hashtag #SBREADTHELOVE and tag @CampBarneyMedintz)
  • Challenge them to S’Bread The Love

We’ve got a challah recipe available for you here. Wendy Fox and Meredith Hegarty have created a great video to walk you through the process of making Challah.

CBM Community Art Project

Leaf art for Camp Barney's community art project

All summer, CBM Campers, Staff, and Alumni can take part in a massive community art project. We’re making a giant community tree where each leaf is contributed by a member of the Camp Barney community. You can contribute as many leaves as you want!

There are three different ways that you can create a leaf for the community tree. With the traditional media option, you can print out a template of the leaf and draw in your artwork or design using crayons, colored pencils, or markers. If you’d like to pursue a more green option, you can use the digital painting option and create your design on a phone, tablet, or computer. If you’d rather express yourself with photographs, you can pursue the photo editing option. Check out this video about the project!

Traditional Media Instructions

  1. Download and print out the traditional media template.
  2. Draw in your design or artwork with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. If you want to get really crazy you can even use paints or watercolors!
  3. Anything outside of the lines will not be included in the project.
  4. Scan your finished image (or take a picture if you don’t have a scanner) and send it to

Digital Painting Instructions

  1. Download the digital media template.
  2. Open the template in a coloring app like PicsArt Color Paint (available for iOS or Android) or Microsoft Paint
  3. Color in the leaf with a design or drawing that makes you think about Camp Barney.
  4. Anything outside of the lines will not be included in the project.
  5. Save your finished image and send it to

Photo Editing Instructions

  1. Download the photo editing template.
  2. Open the template in a photo editing app with support for transparency and layers (like Photoshop or GIMP).
  3. Add whatever other content you’d like (photos, drawings, etc) and send the new content to the layers below the template.
  4. Save your finished image as a JPEG or PNG file and send it to

Video and Activity Guide Archive

Want to know what we’ve been up to all summer? Check out the video archive for all kinds of great stuff!

Weekly Shows (Under Your Amazing Roof)

Under Your Amazing Roof Episode 6 featuring a very special Havdalah

Under Your Amazing Roof Episode 5

Under Your Amazing Roof Episode 4 with Special Guest: Rick Recht

Under Your Amazing Roof Episode 3

Under Your Amazing Roof Episode 2

Under Your Amazing Roof Episode 1


Color War

Check out all of our virtual Color War information at!

Israel Day

Check in with our Israeli Staff

Top Secret Israeli Hummus Recipe

Israel Day Dance Party

Israel Day Song Session

Paper Doves with Nitzan

Activity Guides

A huge thank you to Jodie Goldberg for creating these excellent activity guides. They provide a series of activities to help you and your family explore Judaism and get the most out of the videos that we post every week.

July 17th – July 23rd

July 10th – July 16th

June 26th – July 2nd

June 19th – June 25th

June 14th – June 18th

Old City Kitchen Cooking Videos

Israeli-style Sweet Potato Ravioli

Cheese Blintzes in the Old City Kitchen

Camp Barney Flying Cheese Biscuits

Bernice’s Rugelach

Black and White Cookies

Shakshuka in the Old City Kitchen

Making Challah in the Old City Kitchen

Arts & Crafts Activity Videos

Camp Barney Community Art Project

Kumihimo with Arts & Crafts Staff!

Naturecrafts Activity Videos

Nature Exploration with Eleanor part 3

Nature Exploration with Eleanor part 2

Nature Exploration with Eleanor part 1

Raging River GI with Lenore

Family Group Initiatives with Eleanor, Caroline, and Alex

Outdoor Cooking Quesadillas with Dov, Caroline, and Alex

Theatre Activity Videos

CBM Improv – 10 Strikes

Improv Games with Theatre Staff and Unit Heads

Other Videos

Virtual Bluegrass Session with Naturecrafts Alumni

CBM Jeopardy

Friday Night Services with Matt Waldman and Guests

A Very Special Shabbat Song Session with Deddy, Tal, and Matan

Cancellation Announcement

COVID-19 Correspondence

Letter to Families – June 23rd

Letter to Families – May 20th

Letter to Families – May 15th

Letter to Families – May 4th

Letter to Families – April 2nd

Letter to Families – March 22nd

Letter to Families – March 10th