Weekly Pre-Camp Emails

Week 10: May 30, 2023

Camp Barney Medintz Community,

Summer 2023 is almost here and Camp Barney Medintz is abuzz with anticipation. The real magic begins when our campers arrive, and we cannot wait for the energy and excitement that Sunday will bring! For those campers arriving on following Sundays and for second session – we cannot wait to see you too!

All of our planning and preparation is complete. Our leadership team and amazing staff members are ready to guide your campers through a transformative summer. You have filled out all the forms and packed the duffels. Hopefully you have downloaded the Campanion app so you don’t miss any photos! Now it’s time for fun, friends, connecting to Jewish identities, and making meaningful connections.

Write to your campers often through through CampInTouch or the Campanion app. Utilize the Campanion app – and its facial recognition capability – to catch all the photos of your camper. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see additional photos and videos of our amazing summer.

Remember, this is a true partnership. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any point during the summer. You can find key contact information below.

With this email, we conclude our weekly pre-camp emails. Starting next week, you will receive weekly Camp emails while your camper is at Our Summer Place.

Thank you for sharing your children with us this summer. Let the magic and memory making begin!

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 10: May 23, 2023

Camp Barney Medintz Community,

For the past week, our leadership team and head staff have been at Camp training, preparing, and eagerly anticipating the arrival of all staff members and, of course, CAMPERS!

What can you expect this summer? First and foremost, you can expect that your campers will have a magical, meaningful, and transformative summer whether they are spending one, two, or four weeks at Camp. They will make lasting friendships, become more independent and confident, try new things, and make memories that will last a lifetime. We feel so fortunate to have the privilege to guide them on this life-changing experience. None of it is possible, however, without the partnership of you – our Camp Barney Medintz families.

As we intentionally and methodically prepare for Summer 2023, we want to take a moment to thank you for partnering with us. It is our intention to communicate often and regularly with families this summer so you are informed and can share in your campers’ experience. You will receive an email on the first day of camp that includes your camper’s cabin number and you will receive an email every Friday, while your child is at Camp, sharing some of the week’s highlights.

You may also receive letters from your camper(s). We allow plenty of time for letter-writing. Each camper will have access to stationary prepped to be scanned and emailed, and counselors will encourage and remind all campers to send notes home. This summer, camper letter writing will not be mandatory. Many campers love receiving mail, so we encourage you to send letters and emails to your camper(s)! Emails can be sent to your camper through CampInTouch or the Campanion app. Friendly reminder, packages are not permitted.

We know photos provide that special glimpse into Camp happenings. We hope you have downloaded the Campanion app, which is how we will share photos throughout the summer. You can expect photos to be uploaded at least four times per week. The Campanion app uses facial recognition so you can be notified each time we upload a photo of your camper. Be sure to upload a current and clear photo of your camper to the app for identification purposes. There is a link to download the Campanion App at the bottom of this email.

We are beyond excited to see the smiling faces of our first session campers in less than two weeks! We can almost hear their voices singing “As the light of each summer’s day reaches its end, I’ll sit by the fire with all my best friends.”

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 9: May 16, 2023

Good morning! It is Tuesday, and that means another of our weekly emails to our wonderful community.

At Camp Barney Medintz, the health of our campers and staff is always our top priority.

Today we would like to talk about health at CBM for summer 2023.

This summer we will always have our camp doctor, 3-4 nurses, and 2-3 health care assistants on site in Cleveland, GA. Each member of our team is at camp to serve our community and focus on our health and medication.

What You Can Expect This Summer 

That special camp feeling you get when you are at camp, the one that makes memories that last a lifetime, will be as strong as ever. We are committed to the Camp Barney Medintz experience being consistent and magical for our Camp community.

Given the shifts in COVID policies in the United States and the current COVID climate, we would like to let you know our plan, which was created by the COVID-19 Task Force in alignment with current standards, recommendations, and caseload statistics, and like everything we do, with the experience and safety of our campers centered in our thinking. This summer we will return to our pre-pandemic approach to health and wellness.

Please – Please – Send Your Child to Camp Healthy 

With a large community at camp every day, our best practice is to start healthy. Please do not send your child to camp if they feel ill or have had a fever or have flu-like symptoms in the 48-hour time period prior to beginning their travel to camp. We will continue to do a screening of all campers arriving at camp or at the bus stops prior to departure.


Our task force has been monitoring the state and federal guidelines and trends in the COVID pandemic. Currently, community transmission is low, most people have natural immunity or are vaccinated, and children are experiencing mild symptoms from current strains of the virus.

We are therefore not requiring pre-camp COVID testing and do not plan to conduct routine screenings at camp.

Campers and staff are welcome to wear masks on the bus ride to/from Camp and at Camp if they choose, but there will be no routine masking or social distancing. Masking may be required in the Marcus Health Center, depending on symptoms.

Parents should assume their child could be exposed to COVID while at camp and determine their personal tolerance to that risk. Our plan is to focus on the mental health of every camper, emphasizing connection and community.

Health Care at Camp 

Each year at camp our Health and Wellness team commit to doing everything possible to keep our community healthy. There are many contagious illnesses (including COVID, lice, strep throat, flu, norovirus, and more) that we want to keep out of our community.

Campers and staff who are not feeling well (headache, stomachache, vomiting, fever, light-headed, sore throat, etc.) are instructed to go to the Marcus Health Center for a routine evaluation and treatment by our medical staff as per our standard protocols.

As in years past (pre-pandemic), if a camper or staff member has mild symptoms (such as a stuffy nose, cough, or minor sore throat) and able to participate in camp activities, they will be permitted to stay with their cabin group.

As in years past (pre-pandemic), if a camper has severe or prolonged symptoms (unable to eat or drink, fever > 48 hours) and is not able to participate or enjoy camp due to these symptoms, a member of our Marcus Health Center medical team will reach out to parents or guardians to discuss treatment options, which may include going home for further treatment and/or to recuperate. If our physician feels any camper needs more care than we can provide in the Marcus Health Center, you may be required to pick up your child.

If a camper’s symptoms fall somewhere in between, we will observe and care for them in the Marcus Health Center at the direction of the physician on duty. Our aim is to get them back with their cabin group as soon as their symptoms abate and their energy and ability to participate returns.

Our staff are committed to caring for your child’s needs, including all their health care needs, while at camp.

We look forward to welcoming every child to Camp Barney Medintz this summer!
Thank you for your support, as always.


Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 8: May 9, 2023

Good morning!

It’s amazing to realize there are only a few weeks left of school and first session is right around the corner! This is our eighth pre-camp Tuesday email, and today we want to share some of the meaningful special events that are a big part of summers at Camp Barney Medintz.

While every day at Camp is magical and adventure-filled, there are a few special days throughout the summer that bring our whole community together in celebration and raise the roof on our level of fun and excitement.

Color War
Color War is many campers’ favorite day at Camp! The day of Color War is always a surprise to campers and when it “breaks,” the energy is electric. On one day each session, the camp community splits into four teams: red, blue, yellow, and green. Campers and their teams compete against each other in a variety of competitions and games, which then culminate in a camp-wide relay race. Throughout the day, teams also cheer, perform a song or skit, and eagerly await the declaration of the winning team! The cheers of jubilation from the winning team is something to behold, and winning Color War is one of those experiences campers always remember.

This charming Camp Barney Medintz tradition brings a day full of festivity and fun to each session! Barneyroo is our version of a summer festival. Campers visit different “booths” which each feature activities and experiences like face painting, crafts, fortune telling, sand art, and more. A highlight of the day is a staff performance for the campers, which always brings tons of laughs and cheers.

Israel Day
We are fortunate to have a group of Israeli counselors who work at Camp every year. On Israel Day, these staff members share aspects of Israeli culture, sports, music, food, and art. Campers are transported to Israel as they taste Israeli food, enjoy song and dance sessions, and so much more. Our Israeli staff put in a lot of work to make the day special, and it’s moving to see our community awash in blue and having an absolute blast visiting Israel for the day.

Our 4-week campers have the option to audition for a theatrical production, typically a Disney JR. musical, that is performed the last week of camp. There are rehearsals throughout each session, and when it’s showtime, the entire camp comes together to watch and applaud how amazing our performers become in such a short time. This is a wonderful opportunity for campers with the acting bug to have a creative outlet or for those who have never had a drama class but want to try something new at Camp.

These Camp highlights are much-loved and eagerly anticipated by our campers. Add them to all the other special experiences at Camp, like Shabbat services, campouts, cheer sessions, trips, and making lifelong friends and you have a magical summer.

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 7: May 2, 2023

Hello Camp Barney Medintz Families,

We can barely contain our excitement for Camp, which is just over a month away for our first session campers! With summer just within reach, we are excited to share more about the amazing activities and chugim (choice-based activities) planned for this summer.

One of the wonderous aspects of Camp Barney Medintz is the extensive and diverse range of activities. Our campers might be zip lining one moment, bike riding the next, then playing soccer before heading to dance, and after that, the water slides. No two days are the same and our campers are always trying new things and honing skills while bonding with their cabin groups.

Some activities all campers do during the summer include swimming, tubing, campouts, lake activities, music, dance, theater, crafts, and field and court sports. We are proud to have our program designed sequentially so that every year a camper returns to Camp, they can look forward to participating in new programs and activities, such as leading Shabbat services, technical climbing wall, vertical challenge course, videography, mountain bikes, zip line, and scuba diving. Additionally, there are different trips, that range from water skiing to hiking the Appalachian Trail, for each group.

We are excited to share that this summer, our older campers will also have chugim and free time (and younger campers will have something new to look forward to in future summers).

Campers in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades will have the opportunity to participate in chugim. They will be able to choose two chugim and each will meet multiple times throughout their session at Camp. Incorporating chugim allows campers to pursue an activity that they are interested in, connect with other campers with shared interests, and delve deeper into skill development in that particular area. The options are plentiful and include painting, advanced clay, music, and multiple sports.

New in 2023 for our Teen Village campers will be an opportunity to choose from a variety of activities during supervised free play sessions throughout the summer. Teen free play allows our oldest campers to enjoy a little extra time with the activities they love and hang out with friends from other cabins. Options will range from basketball, the beach, jewelry making, music appreciation, board games, and dance.

The beauty of chugim and free time is they both offer campers some choices, wherein there is immense value and opportunity for growth. During these times, campers can engage with campers from other cabins, explore activities they have never tried before, improve their skills, or a combination of all three!

We are so grateful for our amazing Camp Barney Medintz community and look forward to being with your campers so very soon!

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 6: April 25, 2023

Hello Camp Barney Medintz Families,

In this week’s email, we want to share more with you about some of the most important people at Camp: our amazing staff!

As the year-round camp team, we are committed to building strong relationships with our camp families, and we are humbled and grateful to spend the year planning and preparing for a magical summer with your campers. It really is a true partnership – we cannot do it alone!

Our counselors have a tremendous impact on a camper’s summer experience, and the bonds formed between campers and counselors are powerful ones. It is a tribute to Camp’s impact, that so many of our campers return to Camp as counselors because they want to share the magic, impact, lessons, inspiration, and connection they experienced with the next generation of campers.

Counselors help campers build strong relationships with their peers, learn new skills, and develop confidence and independence. They also remind them to brush their teeth, help them change their sheets, sing with them in the dining hall, plan fun activities for them, and act as their biggest cheerleaders. The two counselors in each cabin guide their campers through exciting, engaging, and intentional activities fostering community, ruach, and non-stop fun!

One of the magical components of Camp Barney Medintz is the variety of specialized activity areas, such as horseback, nature, creative and performing arts, high adventure ropes courses and zip lines, aquatics with two lakes and two pools, sports, and so much more. For each of these areas, we have dedicated specialist staff members who are trained and certified in their field. Together with the counselors, they meet the campers at their skill level as they try new things and enjoy each adventure at Camp in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

We are so fortunate to have many other staff members who play a pivotal role in ensuring a successful summer and caring for our Camp community. From an amazing team of doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals to office administrators, transportation coordinators, and too many more to name, they are working diligently, though often behind the scenes, to ensure an amazing, safe, healthy, and smooth summer.

We are thrilled to have staff from all over the United States and other countries. We need your help in hosting these staff members on their days off from camp! This is an amazing opportunity to make them feel connected and part of the community, and it is a truly rewarding experience for all involved! Our staff look forward to having dinner with families, enjoying a nice hot shower, and getting some rest time. This is a wonderful way for our Atlanta area CBM families to show love to those counselors and specialists working hard to give our campers a great summer. You will enjoy getting to know and bond with them! Also consider hosting alongside friends and neighbors so you can gather for Shabbat dinners and form even more connections. Please visit campbarney.org/hoststaff to learn more and complete an interest form! Thank you!

Our staff are such an invaluable part of our community. It won’t be long now before they start arriving at Camp for staff training, where they gain a variety of skills and lay the groundwork for the magical community that awaits our campers.

Our staff go above and beyond to make the summer special for every camper. They are role models, teachers, and friends.

For quick access to the Parent Handbook, which is filled with helpful information to ensure a successful summer, please click here.

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 5: April 18, 2023

Hello Camp Barney Medintz Families,

We hope you had a wonderful spring break and Passover holiday. The start of Camp is in sight – 46 days until the start of first session, when we will be together again at Our Summer Place!

This is our fifth pre-camp Tuesday email, and today we want to share with you the intentionality and resources we devote to the mental, emotional, and social well-being of our campers and staff.

Did you know that we have a Community Care team comprised of mental health professionals? This team of licensed therapists and mental health professionals is on-site all summer, and we are grateful to have this support network in place for our Camp community.

The Community Care team is in place to create a safe, kind, and welcoming camp community that is supportive and can care for every person in our community. Our team is committed to supporting the development and well-being of our campers and to helping them navigate any obstacles they might face while at Camp. At Camp Barney Medintz, we incorporate the importance of self-care into every day at Camp.

The Community Care team also creates engaging programming for campers to learn about everything from mindfulness and managing stress to communication styles, navigating being away from home, and so much more. You might find the Community Care team painting kindness rocks with a group of campers while discussing what it means to be a good friend or engaging with the JITS before their SOLO to prepare them for a new experience.

The Community Care team is also a significant resource for our staff, both supporting them as individuals and preparing them to best support their campers.

Have you heard about “The Den”? The Gail and Lyons Den, affectionately known as “The Den,” is our dedicated sensory cabin. The Den is an ideal space for campers to process emotions and take needed breaks. Its two sensory rooms – one for younger campers and one for teens – are filled with sensory equipment, visual aids, a LEGO wall, musical instruments, calming art, and more. The Den also has a large, covered deck, providing the ideal space for campers to process emotions, take needed breaks, interact with therapists, and escape the bustle that sometimes accompanies an overnight camping environment.

Camp Barney Medintz recognizes the importance of having this amazing team and space where kids can receive assistance from our professional staff, get a respite if camp life ever feels overwhelming, learn coping skills, or just chill out. We encourage you to talk to your children about the Community Care team and The Den, letting them know those resources are available to them and to ask for help or to visit The Den if needed.

We foster an inclusive Camp community, always mindful of creating an environment at Camp that maximizes well-being every day, and are proud of the mental, social, and emotional support network at Our Summer Place.

If you have any specific questions about this topic, please feel free to reach out directly to Emily Shapiro, Assistant Director, Camper Experience at emily@campbarney.org.

For quick access to the Parent Handbook, which is filled with helpful information to ensure a successful summer, please click here.  As always, we would love to hear from you at summer@campbarney.org.

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 4: April 11, 2023

Hello Camp Barney Medintz Families,

Studies show that a Jewish overnight camp experience is the greatest indicator of a connection to Jewish identity throughout life. At Camp Barney Medintz, we are deliberate and intentional in creating experiences at Camp that inspire and solidify our campers’ connection to Jewish customs, traditions, and culture.

Jewish customs, traditions, and culture are woven into everyday life at Camp Barney Medintz. Throughout the summer, campers join together daily in the dining hall to sing the blessings before and after meals. During activity periods, campers learn about Israel, absorb Israeli culture, and dance Israeli dances. On Israel Day, the entire Camp is awash in blue and white as campers feast on falafel and celebrate Israel.

Shabbat is one of the most special times at Camp, and memories formed during Shabbat last long after Camp is over. There is nothing quite like being in the Zaban Chapel against the backdrop of Lake Wendy and mountains as hundreds of Jewish voices come together in song and prayer. Saturday is a day of peace and relaxation – and, of course, fun activities with friends – that culminates with the entire Camp community coming together for Havdalah. The sense of ruach and spirituality fostered during Shabbat makes an imprint that lasts a lifetime, connecting campers to tradition and providing a vital sense of belonging.

We are excited to share that the MJCCA’s new Experiential Jewish Educator, Kelly Cohen, will be an integral part of Camp Barney Medintz this summer. Kelly will help to further infuse Jewish values at Camp, highlighting a different Jewish value each week through specialized activities. Kelly will also work with the unit leading Shabbat services to discuss the week’s themes, plan aspects of the service, and help campers prepare to lead Shabbat services. She will also collaborate with counselors to create meaningful Oneg programming, an informal but impactful component of celebrating Shabbat.

Summers at Camp Barney Medintz are about gaining independence, trying new things, and building lifelong friendships. Equally as important is campers solidifying their Jewish identity and establishing a lifelong connection to the Jewish community.

For quick access to the Parent Handbook, which is filled with helpful information to ensure a successful summer, please click here.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at summer@campbarney.org.

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 3: April 4, 2023

This email is our third pre-camp weekly Tuesday email, and today’s topic is logistics. While it might not be the most fun subject, logistics are essential to ensuring a smooth summer for all our campers and families. We want to make sure you have all the details needed to get your campers ready for an amazing summer!

Luggage: We know it is important to campers to have just the right clothes and gear for their summer at CBM. For a suggested packing list, please click here. Please note that campers must pack in duffel bags or other types of soft-sided luggage.

Now for how to get those duffel bags to Camp! Campers riding on CBM buses from Atlanta will bring their bags to the buses, and the luggage will accompany the campers to Camp. For our campers who fly to camp, we strongly recommend shipping your luggage in advance. Doing so makes for a much less stressful opening day (and travel day home).

There are two shipping options that we suggest you choose from. IFL provides door-to-door service to Camp from  South Florida and anywhere in the country. ShipCampsis a second option, and they set up pickup and drop off services via one of the shipping companies. While we do have positive experiences with these two options, we want to make you aware that they are third party providers that are not affiliated with Camp Barney Medintz. You can also ship directly with FedEx or UPS. For even more details about luggage, please visit the Getting to Camp and Camper Luggage page on our website.

Travel Options: Our Atlanta area families are able to travel to and from Camp via local buses. This option can also be utilized by our out-of-town campers. Additionally, campers can fly into Hartfield Jackson International Airport and will be transported to Camp by CBM staff. For some cities within driving distance, we will coordinate buses that will pick-up campers and bring them home at the end of the month. Please visit the Getting to Camp and Camper Luggage page on our website for more specifics about drop-off locations, details about flights, and more.

Forms: As you will recall from previous communication, there are forms we need you to complete prior to your child’s arrival at Camp. These forms are imperative to providing a safe, healthy, and successful summer for all our campers. We ask that you please check your CBM account, which you can access here, to confirm all your forms have been completed!

For those campers who will be taking medicine while at Camp, we will be sending a separate email with all pertinent details related to having medication sent to Camp. Please look for that email on Sunday, April 9.

For quick access to our Parent Handbook, please click here.

We hope your Passover holiday is meaningful and filled with joy and togetherness. Chag Sameach!

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 2: March 28, 2023

In Judaism, there is a principle that preserving a life supersedes everything else. If given the opportunity, as members of a Jewish community, we should always choose to protect a life. Toward that end, we are pleased to share that Camp Barney Medintz is now a nut-free camp. For our many families whose campers have nut allergies, we know this transition will provide much comfort and added assurance.

For our campers who love peanut butter – don’t worry – we will have SunButter available at every meal. Additionally, we are excited to share that this summer, there will be more food options available for campers at every meal.

The extension to our dining hall is almost complete, which will allow space for additional food stations to be set up in the dining hall. Starting this summer, campers will have access to even more options, including a brand-new sandwich bar, a plain pasta option, and a revamped salad bar at all lunch and dinner meals. Campers will have a plethora of options should they want an alternative or a supplement to their main meal.

This summer is all about quality, variety, and quantity as it relates to food. We have engaged with a new food service company and hired a food service director who will be solely focused on ensuring we deliver nutritious, delicious, varied, and plentiful meals to our campers and staff.

We are also adjusting mealtimes to shorten the time between meals. Canteen will now occur after a program period – it used to immediately follow lunch – to allow for a snack in between lunch and dinner.

Speaking of canteen, we are so excited to announce the new Barney Bar flavor for Summer 2023 is Red Velvet Cupcake! We know our campers look most forward to canteen on the days they can opt for a Barney Bar and can’t wait to hear how they enjoy this new flavor!

Of course, as is our long-standing tradition, our days will still conclude with our whole camp community coming together after a meaningful and fun day for camper-favorite cookies and milk line.

We have updated our Parent Handbook to provide you with additional important information on the above and everything related to Camp Barney Medintz to ensure a successful summer at camp. Please click here to view the Parent Handbook and know that we are also always available to answer your questions at summer@campbarney.org.

Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team

Week 1: March 21, 2023

Good morning, Camp Barney Medintz!

I’m reaching out to you today with the incredibly exciting news that the first day of first session is only 75 days away!

It is our intention to communicate with you every step of the way. After all, we are partners in ensuring a transformative, memorable, and successful summer for your campers.

Starting with this email, you will receive an email from Camp Barney Medintz every Tuesday through May 30th. Look for it in your inbox – and please add Summer@CampBarney.org to your address book to make sure you don’t miss out on any important camp details.

Additionally, for all new families, please save the date of April 26th for our “New Family Information Session,” during which we will share details to help you prepare for your first summer at Camp.

For all of our families, as we gear up for an amazing summer ahead, I want to give you an idea of what our campers can expect once they arrive at Camp. So, every week we’re going to highlight a different aspect of Camp and share with you what the Camp Barney experience includes!

We thought there’s no better place to start than with our six core values, which are, aptly, at the center of everything we do at Camp. Be it in the programming areas, the cabins, the dining hall, or anywhere in between, these six values are what we integrate into everything we do. These are the values that our entire community—campers, counselors, specialists, and support staff —works to develop every single day.

Here are our values:

Community – Our Camp’s strength comes from the recognition that we are all better together, and our strength is amplified when we work together – and we certainly have a lot more fun doing so. There’s an old Jewish phrase that says, Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh, which means that all Jews are responsible for one another. We are one big community and team at Camp, and this core value helps us remember that.

Jewish Identity – A big part of our mission is to encourage our campers to be proud of their Jewish identity. We aim to create an environment where campers feel free to be themselves, and want them to take pride not only in who they are, but what they do every day. Our goal at Camp is not just to provide campers with a fun-filled, life-changing summer, but to help each individual camper grow as a Jew and as a person. This pride in being Jewish can manifest itself in improving a skill in an activity, learning a new Hebrew word or prayer, and making new friends.

Self-Discovery – A way for us to ensure we gain the most from each activity we do at Camp is by setting the intention to do as such. We love the fact that Camp Barney has so many activities, which present opportunities for campers to experience something new each summer. As we discover our own passions in life we tend to grow, and learning to get out of our comfort zone is a skill that will last well beyond our time together this summer.

Joy– At Camp Barney Medintz, we know that laughter, smiles, and happiness are at the center of the community that we want to build. Fun is such an underrated part of self-growth, and our community embraces the connection between Joy and our mission. We absolutely accept each child for who they are, with love and a deep commitment to take care of each child and to see them for who they are individually.

Integrity– “It is always the right time to do the right thing” – has never been more appropriate than when discussing this core value at Camp Barney. It is essential to our campers that they see our staff embody integrity and all that comes with being a role model, and it is as important that our staff recognizes our campers when they show examples of integrity at Camp. We actively promote doing the right thing, kindness, good sportsmanship, respect for self, respect for others, and respect for our community. We know that this leads to us becoming the best possible version of ourselves.

Making a Positive Difference – Our Camp community is strong and vibrant, and we know we have room to grow and improve. It is our goal to have our campers understand that the outside world needs each of us to be the one to make a positive impact on the world as well. We strive to understand that each person can make a difference in the world, and our actions matter. We are fortunate to be able to spend our summers in the North Georgia Mountains in this incredible Camp community, but 99% of the world is not as fortunate as we are, and it is up to us to make the change we want to see in the world. It is our goal at Camp to grow leaders, and we know that to achieve that goal, we need leaders who are willing to follow, and followers who can grow to lead.

That’s it! Those are our six values at Camp Barney Medintz! We believe that it is important for us to establish the core ideas we build our Camp around. By exemplifying these values every day, we know we will have a summer filled with new friends, skills, and lifelong memories.

In the coming weeks, we will send emails each Tuesday that will give you a sneak peek into Our Summer Place.

We can’t wait to get started!


Danny and The Camp Barney Medintz Team