Be a Host for International Staff!

Each summer, Camp Barney Medintz brings international staff members from all over the world, and CBM families open up their homes to them for their days off so they can relax and recharge. This is an amazing opportunity to make these staff members feel connected and part of the Atlanta and Camp Barney Medintz communities, and it’s a truly rewarding experience for all involved!

Days off are typically Friday through Saturday, though some counselors may also have a day off during the week. Staff are bused to the MJCCA typically on Fridays at 7:00 pm and return to camp by bus on Saturday at 9:00 pm.

What do families need to do to make this a great experience? Our staff look forward to having dinner with families, enjoying a nice hot shower, and likely lots of rest. They may find their own transportation to check out Atlanta, and the JCC can offer guest passes if they want to work out or go to the pool.

Why should you be a host family? This is a super fun way for our Atlanta CBM families to show love to those counselors and specialists working hard to give our campers a great summer. Consider hosting alongside friends and neighbors so you can gather for big Shabbat dinners and form even more connections.

Want to learn even more? Contact Debbie Jacobs at for more details and to answer any questions you may have.