Getting to Camp and Camper Luggage

Getting Your Campers to and from Camp


Campers and staff arrive at Camp Barney Medintz from all over the United States and the world.

In order to comply with COVID protocol and keep our campers and staff safe this summer, we are offering limited options for getting to camp and back home.

On opening and closing days of our four week sessions, campers can be driven to and from our Cleveland, GA location near Camp where they will ride air-conditioned coach buses to and from camp.  You will be given an assigned time for drop off and pick up when the days get closer.  On closing day of our 1 week, A, and C sessions, air-conditioned coach buses will take the campers from camp to the parking lot in front of the Camp Barney Medintz office at the MJCCA in Dunwoody, GA.  On opening day of our B and D sessions, air-conditioneed coach buses will pick campers up in the parking lot in front of the Camp Barney Medintz office at the MJCCA in Dunwoody and take them to camp.

Campers can fly to and from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  For flights that are chaperoned, we will have the chaperones escort the campers from the gates to the buses for incoming flights and escort the campers from the buses to the gates for outgoing flights. For flights with 8 or more campers, we will seek (and reimburse flight expenses for) a chaperone to supervise and escort the campers. If your camper is on a flight that is not chaperoned, we are requiring that an adult fly with the camper and escort the camper to and from the gates and the buses.

We have identified a list of flights for cities with a large number of campers already registered for this year.   Be sure to check First Second Flights or Second Session Flights for your city.   If you are flying from one of these cities, we require that you book the flight on the list.  If your city is not on the list, please email once you’ve identified the flight you would like to book so that we can get as many campers on the same flights as possible.

All families will get email reminders several days before their travel date with details on how we are expecting your camper(s) to travel and the time and place for your drop off or pick up.  Be sure to read that email carefully and let us know if your plans have changed.

Getting Your Stuff to Camp Barney



Campers must pack belongings into duffel bags or other types of soft-sided luggage.   For helpful reminders on what to pack, see our What-to-Bring List.

If your child is riding the Cleveland bus, you have the option of bringing your luggage with you or shipping it to camp.

If your child flies to Camp on a chaperoned flight, your luggage must be shipped.   If you or another adult are flying with your child, you have the option of shipping your luggage to camp or bringing it on the plane.   If you choose to bring your luggage on the plane you will be responsible for getting the luggage to and from our buses.    Please be aware of the airlines’ ever-changing luggage size and weight policies!   You are welcome to ship your luggage to Camp in order to avoid the airport hassle and extra fees.

If you ship your luggage to camp, please set up delivery to arrive at camp on the Wednesday before your child’s first day of camp and  pick up on the last day of camp at 3pm or later.

We have contracted with Integrated Freight Logistics, which may make it easier and more cost-effective to ship your bags to Camp.  In order to avoid extra fees, whether shipping or checking your bags at the airport, be sure that your bags, when fully packed, don’t exceed 40x20x20.  

All families will be provided with color-coded luggage tags to assist our staff with getting the right bags to the right kids!