Getting to Camp and Camper Luggage

Getting Your Campers to and from Camp


Campers and staff arrive at Camp Barney Medintz from all over the United States and the world. Campers have four travel options for arrival to and departure from Camp.

  1. Bus from Atlanta. This is the only option for Atlanta-area families and how the majority of our campers travel to and from Camp. There is nothing quite like the excitement of the first day of camp as campers and families arrive at Georgia State University Dunwoody Campus on opening days of First and Second Sessions (or at Dunwoody Elementary School on opening days of our B and D Sessions) and reunite with their camp friends. Campers are greeted by dozens of excited CBM staff members who accompany the campers on air-conditioned coach buses for their hour-and-a-half journey to Camp. On the last day of each session, campers and staff travel from Camp back to First Baptist Church of Atlanta on the buses (or to Dunwoody Elementary School on closing days of our A and C Sessions) . Out-of-town families are more than welcome to use this option as well.
  2. Fly to and from Atlanta. Upon arrival at the gate, campers are greeted by CBM staff members sporting Camp Barney T-shirts and name tags. These staff members chaperone the campers on air-conditioned coach buses to Camp. At the end of each session, staff members escort the campers from Camp to their departure gate and remain until the plane taxis from the runway. We select preferred flights for for cities where we have a large number of campers who might fly to and from Atlanta so that we can safely transport them to and from camp.  Be sure to check here for your city on our list of First Session Preferred Flights or Second Session Preferred Flights.  For travel from other cities or with other airports, be sure to have your flight arrive into the Atlanta airport between 11 am and 1 pm on opening day and/or depart the Atlanta airport between 11 am and 1 pm on closing day.
  3. Bus Service in Selected Cities. For first session, we offer chaperoned bus service on opening and closing days between Birmingham and Camp. For second session, we offer chaperoned bus service between Charlotte and Camp.
  4. Drop-Off and Pickup at Camp. We can gladly make arrangements, if necessary, for families living outside of the Atlanta area to drive to Camp to drop off and/or pickup campers.

Getting Your Stuff to Camp Barney


Campers must pack belongings into duffel bags or other types of soft-sided luggage. For helpful reminders on what to pack, see our What-to-Bring List. Unless a camper is traveling by plane, all bags will be brought to Camp by bus or car.

If your child flies to Camp, there are a few options for getting their stuff to Camp. You can check the luggage onto the flight, and our staff will retrieve the bags from baggage claim and bring them to Camp. Please be aware of the airlines’ ever-changing luggage size and weight policies! You are welcome to ship your luggage to Camp in order to avoid the airport hassle and extra fees. We have also contracted with Integrated Freight Logistics, which may make it easier and more cost-effective to ship your bags to Camp.

All families will be provided with color-coded luggage tags to assist our staff with getting the right bags to the right kids!