Our Commitment: Why We Exist

1. Camp Barney Medintz will provide positive opportunities for campers to develop skills, have fun, form wonderful friendships, enhance self-esteem, and be exposed to a variety of learning experiences in a safe, exhilarating environment.

2. We will employ only those Camp staff who (a) perceive their role as conscientious leaders of children as paramount, (b) have demonstrated camping skills, and (c) have an understanding of Camp Barney Medintz goals, objectives, and culture.

3. We will enable campers to explore and develop an understanding of our rich Jewish culture. Every camper will have the opportunity to observe the essence and beauty of the Shabbat in an enjoyable and experiential way.

4. Campers will have opportunities to participate in a full range of activities with their counselors and cabin mates.

5. Programs and activities will also be designed to be unique from those that children may participate in when not at Camp Barney Medintz.

6. Every camper will be regularly exposed to our specialty areas including: canoeing, sailing, skiing, campouts, nature crafts, team building, music, dance, theater, arts & crafts, radio, video, “Sababa” Israeli Culture, tennis, competitive and non-competitive sports, environmental and “mitzvah” programming, and a menagerie of aquatic adventures.

7. Experiences will be designed to enable campers to feel comfortable and more knowledgeable in the outdoors, to understand the delicate ecological balance of our environment and the necessity of conservation of natural resources.

8. Our Camp Barney community will reinforce Jewish values of k’vod/derech eretz (respect), kehillah (community), chaverim (friendship), ahavat baberiot (acceptance), limud etgar (learning and pursuing challenges), ahavat eretz yisrael (love for Israel), havayot simcha (adventure and fun), ruach (spirit) and hakarat tova (gratitude).