Why Camp Barney Medintz

The activities are endless and the counselors are stellar. Adventure abounds and Jewish identity is solidified. For a real peek into the magic that is Camp Barney Medintz, we’ve shared with you these words from parents and campers alike.

CBM gave me role models other than my parents, as well as the ability to be a leader within my cabin and as a counselor. It made me adventurous, curious, confident, independent, and was a huge source of my joy in life.
– Jacob M., long-time Camp Barney camper and staff member

Camp Barney is meaningful because it teaches lessons that can’t be taught anywhere else in the world – community, friendship, love, and happiness. I can honestly say that I feel happiest when I am at camp, and that it has shown me how to be a better person in every way possible.
– Jayme D., long-time Camp Barney camper and staff member

I remain truly in awe of all that you do to constantly improve every year, knowing every face, building an amazing Jewish community, fostering a positive Jewish identity, and instilling confidence in us, the parents, that our kids are taken care of so well.
– Erin and Lance C., Camp Barney parents

Your staff allowed our daughter to be independent and confident with things she ordinarily would be apprehensive to try. They taught her life lessons that she will take with her forever. Thank you all for keeping her safe and happy and giving her experiences she will get nowhere else.
– Ami and David E., Camp Barney parents