Our Programs

Camp Barney offers 1-week, 2-week, and 4-week options throughout the summer. The four-week sessions are available for campers completing 2nd through 10th grade. The two-week sessions are available for campers completing 2nd through 6th grade. The one-week option, CBM Experience, is available for campers completing 1st and 2nd grade.  Campers are divided into age groups, or Units, based on the grade they have most recently completed.

2 Week Options

Kochavim Program (Campers completing 2nd-3rd grades)
Offered first and second sessions

The Kochavim program is designed to give campers a taste of Camp Barney, packing all of the excitement and adventure of Camp into two fun weeks. Campers participate in dozens of age appropriate activities and unique programs, including spending a meaningful Shabbat at Camp. We hand-select staff to work with this group to ensure these campers become comfortable in the summer camp environment and have the time of their lives!

Youth (Campers completing 4th-6th grades)
Offered first session

The Youth 2-week program is designed for older campers who have never been to overnight camp or who want to experience camp in a more compact timeframe. Campers participate in all of the adventures at Camp Barney including water skiing, the “Hurricane” water slides, horseback riding, zip lines and ropes courses, field and court sports, music, theater, film studio/media, dance, crafts, Camper Kitchen and much more.

4 Week Options

Youth and Teen Programs (Campers completing 2nd-9th grades)
Offered first and second sessions

Campers are offered an incredible variety of experiences that evolve with each year they return to Camp Barney. New trips, guest artists, musicians, athletes, chefs, and unit programs keep summer exciting, while affording every camper the opportunity to experience all of the Camp activities they love. Campers spend three Shabbats at Camp and lead an interactive and musical Shabbat service. Our unique culturally Jewish environment is experiential, age-appropriate, and filled with fun.

JIT Program (Campers completing 10th grade)
Offered first and second sessions

Campers in our JIT (Junior-in-Training) unit experience the ultimate in outdoor adventure. From the moment they arrive at Camp, their program looks and feels different from anything they have previously experienced at CBM. JIT campers live in canvas platform tents in their own village and participate in an incredible number of programs and high adventure activities supervised by experienced and talented staff. JITs take a six-day outdoor excursion through the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, sleep in a cave, hike, climb, and go whitewater rafting, among many other amazing activities. While at Camp, JITs participate in a solo camping experience and enjoy all of the popular Camp Barney activities!

Specialized Programs

Discovery Day (Campers completing Kindergarten)
Children completing Kindergarten can spend one amazing day at Camp Barney Medintz! There will be tons of fun packed into one full day, as these young campers get a taste of the magic of camp with exciting activities that make up a typical day at Camp Barney Medintz. This is a great way to experience the feel of overnight camp.

1 Week CBM Experience (Campers completing 1st-2nd grades)
Offered first session

CBM Experience gives younger campers the perfect taste of Camp Barney. Campers arrive at Camp Barney on Sunday for an amazing six-day, five-night adventure. Campers are immersed in the CBM community, participating in tons of cool activities, sleeping in bunks, going on a cookout in the woods, and even getting canteen and mail! Registration for CBM Experience runs concurrently with registration for all other Camp Barney programs.


Chalutzim Program (Campers ages 10-22)
Offered first session

Our Chalutzim program is offered for campers 10-22 years old with special needs and has been nationally recognized since it was established in 1992. This program is highly individualized and an extraordinary experience for each camper. Campers can attend a one, two or four week program and are supervised by experienced, specially trained staff who understand the Camp setting and also infuse large doses of conscientious mentoring, warmth, humor, and engagement. This program offers all of the exciting CBM activities and opportunities while facilitating individual and group skill development. Campers in our Chalutzim program come to us with a wide range of abilities, and we work closely with each child on meeting individual goals for their time at Camp. We are grateful to the Walker/Bronfman Family Foundation, Foundation for Jewish Camp, and The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation for their generous support of this program.


CBM Experience:
1-week campers (new and returning) completing 1st and 2nd grades. Offered during June session.

Kochavim: Hebrew for “stars”
2-week campers (new and returning) completing 2nd and 3rd grades.

2-week campers completing 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Offered during the June session.

Moshavim: Hebrew for “village”
4-week campers completing 2nd and 3rd grades.

Rishonim: Hebrew for “first”
4-week campers completing 4th grade.

Shomrim: Hebrew for “guardians”
4-week campers completing 5th grade.

Giborim: Hebrew for “heroes”
4-week campers completing 6th grade.

Chaverim: Hebrew for “friends”
4-week campers completing 7th grade.

Tsofim: Hebrew for “scouts”
4-week campers completing 8th grade.

Alufim: Hebrew for “champions”
4-week campers completing 9th grade.

4-week campers completing 10th grade.

Chalutzim: Hebrew for “pioneers”
For campers 10-22 years old with special needs. 4-week, 2 week and 1 week sessions offered during the June session.