Who comes to Camp Barney Medintz?

Barney campers are predominantly from the Southeast. While many reside in Georgia, our campers also come from Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and many other states. Our campers’ families engage in a wide range of Jewish practice and observance. Some affiliate with a synagogue, while others do not. Some attend Jewish Day School, while for many others CBM is their Jewish education. We all share a belief in Jewish overnight camp and the lifelong connection to Jewish identify it fosters. Not to mention the lifelong impact it has on a camper’s emotional, spiritual, and social growth.

Is Camp Barney Medintz certified by the American Camp Association?

Yes, Camp Barney Medintz is a member of the American Camp Association and has achieved accreditation status by completing a voluntary peer review process of standards applicable to our program. The American Camp Association is the only nationwide organization that accredits all types of organized camps. The standards range from the qualifications of our staff (licenses or certifications held by specific medical and program staff) to management of our facility, from the quality and safety of our program to the temperature of our dishwashers.

Are the staff thoroughly evaluated and vetted before being hired?

Each and every staff member is intensely interviewed and screened. References are consulted and criminal background checks are performed. Additionally, we only hire staff once we are assured they possess the qualities we seek: positive values, excellent character, bright, mature, role model, good judgment, enthusiasm, creativity, compassion, warmth, talent, and above all, are passionate about teaching and caring for children. The staff at Camp Barney Medintz is the primary reason campers return year after year. Campers and counselors alike have such overwhelmingly positive experiences, that more than 80% of our staff are returning counselors or were campers.

Our staff includes a physician and four nurses in-residence, a professional food service staff including a Mashgiah, nutritionist and dietician, a professional office staff, drivers, and a facility management staff.

Are the programs different for each age group?

We have developed a sequential program so that every year a camper returns to Camp Barney he/she can look forward to participating in new programs, activities, trips, and artists-in-residence just for their age group. So, there are some activities that all campers enjoy, like leading a Shabbat Service, swimming, campouts, horseback riding, tennis, archery, the Blob, the Slides, the Logroll, the Iceberg, music, dance, theater, crafts, water skiing, field and court sports and so much more. Then specific age groups might see on their schedules the high ropes course, technical climbing wall, vertical challenge course, videography, mountain biking, zip line, guitar, murals, pottery, karate, fencing, scuba diving, and tree climbing. Additionally, there are different trips for each age group that range from kayaking on the Chestatee River to tubing down the Chattahoochee to white water rafting down the Ocoee or Nantahala Rivers. For more information on programs available for certain age groups, please visit Our Program.

Do campers spend their day with their cabin group or participate individually in activities?

At Camp Barney, campers primarily remain with their cabin group and enjoy activities with their cabin mates. There are opportunities for campers to choose their own activities. Several times a week, campers enjoy a Chug or elective period. Camp Barney places a great emphasis on the group dynamic, supporting and playing together with counselors who provide continuity and the benefit of being aware of each child’s needs.

How do you manage hygiene?

We manage the same concerns that parents take care of at home including showering, brushing teeth, changing clothes and sheets regularly, laundry and taking daily medications. We train our staff to help campers manage these issues along with caring for various emotional needs from homesickness to fears, interpersonal or esteem issues to group issues. Also our Medical Staff is always available and prepared to manage the health care of our camp community.

How will I stay in touch with what is going on at camp, both during the summer and year-round?

During the summer, your Camp Account will be your gateway to photos and one-way emails to your camper. You will setup your Camp Account when you enroll your child. Year-round, keep in touch with camp happenings by visiting this website and liking us on Facebook.

Where do I go to find out specifics about medicine, transportation, contacting campers, what to pack, security, bunkmate requests, and all the other super important parent questions?

We encourage all families to visit our Before Camp and During Camp pages for details on all things camp. You are also always welcome to contact us with questions. The more informed you and your children are, the better prepared you will be for the Camp Barney Medintz adventure!

What should my child pack for the summer?

Please review our What To Bring/What Not To Bring page for a detailed list of everything your camper will need for a fun CBM summer, including a printable checklist!

What do I need to consider if my child will need to take medicine while at camp?

Please visit our Healthy Campers page for answers to all your questions.

Are there options to experience Camp Barney Medintz for a shorter period of time?

Yes! CBM offers 2-week sessions for campers completing 2nd through 7th grade. In addition, we also offer CBM Experience. CBM Experience gives younger campers the perfect taste of Camp Barney. Campers arrive at Camp Barney on Sunday for an amazing six-day, five-night adventure. Campers are immersed in the CBM community, participating in tons of cool activities, sleeping in bunks, going on a cookout in the woods, and even getting canteen and mail! Registration for CBM Experience runs concurrently with registration for all other Camp Barney programs.

For more information on 2-week sessions and CBM Experience, please visit Our Program.

What if my child needs some support adjusting to camp or dealing with emotional stress?

The Gail and Lyons Den at Camp Barney is a respite for campers, with two sensory rooms that are an ideal space to process emotions, take breaks, and ensure every camper has the support needed to get the most out of camp. The Gail and Lyons Den is also be home base for Camp Barney’s Community Care team of licensed therapists and mental health professionals who offer mental, emotional, and social health support for campers and staff throughout the summer. We are so fortunate to have this amazing space where kids can receive assistance from our professional staff, take a breather if camp life ever feels overwhelming, learn coping skills, or just chill out.