Healthy Campers

Our Billi and Bernie Marcus Health Center


Our goal is to provide the safest and healthiest environment for your child! Our state-of-the-art Billi and Bernie Marcus Health Center is staffed by a resident physician and 4 to 5 Registered Nurses, all of whom live at Camp and are on-call 24 hours a day. Our staff are fully equipped to handle a range of medical and dietary issues, and we will work closely with each family to assure that your child feels comfortable and safe with us. A number of additional medical care facilities are readily available and can be reached within 4 miles of Camp in Cleveland, 25 miles away in Gainesville, and 60 miles away in Atlanta.

As always, your camper’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us and safe medication administration is our highest priority.  We are working with Arnold Drug Company, the same medication administration company that we were working with last summer before the decision was made not to have camp.  Arnold Drug is a local, smaller pharmacy that provides excellent customer service to other local camps as well.  The benefits of working with a local, smaller company enable us to have the medications hand delivered, reviewed, and directly sort out any issues we find.

Arnold Drug will deal with your insurance company once the prescriptions are received and notify you if any complications arise.  It will prepare the medications in daily dose packs ready for our safe administration. This includes controlled substances as well as over the counter medications.  Here are details on how to order from Arnold Drug.    Questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please take note of the important dates:

Prescriptions for 1st session campers need to be in by MAY 14, including but not limited to Kochavim A and B, Youth A and B, CBM Experience, Chalutzim, and Chalutzim Experience.

Prescriptions for 2nd session campers need to be in by JUNE 11, including but not limited to Kochavim C and D.

Please remember, the ONLY medications that we will receive at the buses are EMERGENCY medications, inhalers and injectables.  NO medications, including gummies, vitamins or over the counter medications, can be kept with campers or in cabins.  This is for the safety of your children and those around them. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at:


The Gail and Lyons Den

Camp Barney’s sensory cabin, The Gail and Lyons Den, is new for Summer 2021. The Den’s two sensory rooms are an ideal space for campers to process emotions, take needed breaks, and ensure every camper has the support needed to get the most out of camp. The Gail and Lyons Den will also be home base for Camp Barney’s Camper Care team of licensed therapists and mental health professionals who will offer mental, emotional, and social health support for campers and staff throughout the summer. We are so fortunate to have this amazing space where kids can receive assistance from our professional staff, get a respite if camp life ever feels overwhelming, learn coping skills, or just chill out.


Healthy Options at Our Dining Hall


Our 18,000 sq ft. historic timber Alterman Lodge (dining hall) is a centerpiece of life at Camp Barney. It truly embodies our sense of community, and the food’s pretty great, too! Three meals each day are served family-style from our Kosher kitchen, and a host of options are available for each child – whether they have serious food allergies or dietary concerns or are just a plain picky eater.

We have partnered with Kandle Dining Services to manage all aspects of our foodservice program at camp.  They work with many camps that keep kosher around the United States like Camp Barney.  Kandle Dining is committed to creating delicious menus and delivering exceptional service to our campers and staff.  They are also committed to preparing and delivering food in a safe manner as evidenced by receiving the ServSafe Dining Commitment in 2020.  Kandle Dining will provide a group of foodservice professionals who will help the foodservice program run smoothly and efficiently.  This includes having two dietitians at camp who will focus on campers and staff who have special diets or dietary concerns and be responsible for all food provided to those campers and staff.