Personnel Policies

The purpose of the following information is to clearly state for staff some of the requirements, privileges, limitations and responsibilities of living at a resident camp. The practices, policies, and procedures for staff at Camp Barney Medintz have been designed to enable us to function within a safe and secure environment. The following policies represent information that prospective staff should know during the application process; a complete set of policies is a part of the employment “Letter of Agreement. Shortly after staff returns the “Letter of Agreement,” they will receive additional information about staff committees, programs, what to pack, transportation, health forms, etc.  


Camp Barney’s rules, policies, and procedures are designed to keep campers and staff safe (physically and emotionally), reflect our community values, and protect the natural and physical environment. Staff members are always expected to follow this guidance and act as ideal role models for our campers.  

Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted on camp property. Staff who return to camp property in an unfit state due to the influence of alcohol or drugs will also be in violation of this rule. Staff or campers who violate this rule will be dismissed. Given the importance of role modeling to our camp culture, staff or campers who are in proximity to anyone violating this rule may also be dismissed from camp.  

Over the course of pre-camp communications and staff training, staff will learn all Camp Barney rules, procedures, and policies relevant to their position. Supervisors are always available to answer questions and help staff understand the expectations placed on them. Depending on the severity and frequency of rule breaking, consequences for staff members who do not follow camp rules will range from a conversation with their supervisor (in the case of a misunderstanding of minor CBM rules) to termination of employment (in the case of a major transgression against our core policies/values).  


The CBM year-round professional staff shall be solely responsible for staff assignments to specialty areas, units, living villages and supervisors. The “Letter of Agreement” for specialists and support staff are specific to job assignments; those for counselors and unit counselors are not specific as to unit placement (with the exception of staff hired for JIT, Chalutzim, or CBMX programs), which will be made upon arrival at camp.  

If deemed in the best interest of camp or determined by the Camp Director, reassignment of staff duties may occur during staff training or over the course of the summer.  


  1. All staff members are on duty 24 hours a day except during designated time off.  
  2. Staff members will always act in the best interests of Camp Barney Medintz, both in camp and in the communities surrounding camp.  
  3. Staff members serve as role models for campers and, therefore, will be responsible to CBM for routines, promptness to activities, programs and meals, language, manners, cleanliness/hygiene, and behavior.  
  4. Head Staff members will also be responsible for any administrative tasks such as letters to families, requisitioning supplies, managing inventories, scheduling, training, assessing staff, facility and equipment upkeep, writing evaluations, and end of season reports.  


Each staff member will have 1-2 one-hour activity periods off each day and three full days off per four-week session. Several times a week, you will also have two hours off at night after campers go to sleep. In addition, staff will have two days and nights off between first session and second session. 


Camp Barney Medintz assumes that its staff is comprised of mature persons who understand the importance of adequate rest towards the performance of a good job. It is the responsibility of each staff member to get enough sleep to be able to perform his/her job responsibilities safely and effectively. Camp-wide curfew is 12:30am. Every staff member is expected to be in camp by 12:30am each night and in their own cabin by 1:00am. 


Please click here to view Camp Barney Medintz’s summer staff salary schedule.