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Counselors & Unit Counselors

Counselors at Camp Barney are the main caretakers of our campers. Counselors have a huge impact on campers’ summer experience, helping them build strong relationships with their peers, face new challenges at camp, and develop confidence and independence. Read more about counselor positions.


A staff member poses with a camper while on a High Ropes activity

Program Specialists

One of the most exciting things about Camp Barney is our wide variety of specialized activities grouped into Waterfront, Naturecrafts, Horseback, Sports, Arts & Crafts, Media, Theatre, Music, Dance, and Israeli Culture programs. Specialists work as a team to deliver program excellence, teach campers new skills, and encourage them to face challenges all in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Specialists must have prior experience and receive at least a week of training at camp. Specialists must be at least 18 years old or a high school graduate.  Coordinator positions are available to especially qualified and experienced applicants in each area with additional responsibilities related to training, programming, and logistics. Read more about specialist positions.

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Head Staff

Our Head Staff is comprised of Division Supervisors, Unit Heads, and Head Specialists. Together, Head Staff supervise and manage counselors, specialists, campers, activity areas, and camp-wide programming. Head Staff must possess appropriate skills, experience, credentials and leadership qualities deemed exceptional by Camp Barney’s hiring staff. Read more about head staff positions.


Support Staff

Support staff play an important role in running camp and taking care of our community. These positions include doctors, registered nurses (R.N.s), health center assistants, mental health professionals, office administration, canteen operations, transportation, logistics, and childcare counselors.

Counselor positions

Counselors spend the majority of their time with their cabin group of approximately ten campers. Each day counselors lead campers in awesome creative programs and through specialist-led activities. All counselors must be at least 18 years old or a high school graduate. Each cabin group has one “counselor” and one “unit counselor.”

Two of our units (age groups) have their own unique programs and staff needs:

JIT Counselors
The pinnacle of many campers’ experience at Camp Barney Medintz is their JIT summer. For rising high school juniors, it’s a totally different experience from previous summers. Campers live in platform tents and participate in activities with mixed-gender groups of their peers. They also have unique experiences like a 6-day trip around the Southeast United States and a solo camping experience. Counselors for the JIT unit represent some of the most mature and experienced staff members at camp.

Chalutzim Counselors
Our Chalutzim program is offered for campers 10-22 years old with special needs and has been nationally recognized since it was established in 1992. This program is highly individualized and an extraordinary experience for each camper. Counselors for this program are experienced and specially trained. They understand the camp setting and infuse large doses of conscientious mentoring, warmth, humor, and engagement.

Specialist positions

Staff member driving a jet ski pulling two campers on a tube

Spread across two lakes, two pools, and our off-site experiences, CBM has a huge variety of aquatic activities. Our Waterfront staff teach kids to wakeboard, waterski, kneeboard, and tube behind jet skis on Lake Louis. On Lake Wendy, campers play on our inflatable lake toys, explore the lake in our canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, and rush down our lakefront water slides, all with the help and guidance of Waterfront specialists. At our two pools, Waterfront staff provide supervision while leading pool parties, pool sports, aqua Zumba, and tons of other fun activities. All of our Waterfront staff are certified lifeguards. Some of our Waterfront staff are also experienced in watercraft operations and able to drive our jet skis at camp and motorboats.

A group of campers and staff prepare to go on a backpacking trip

Our Naturecrafts staff runs outdoor programs like wilderness hikes, cooking, creek hikes, shelter-building, and off-site trips. They also facilitate our ropes activities like climbing walls, zip lines, big swings, and much more. Across all of these programs, they teach campers the value of teamwork, appreciation of the natural environment, and challenge by choice. All Naturecrafts staff are certified in First Aid. Trip leaders are certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Campers pet a horse at the barn

We are fortunate to have a beautiful barn, a large riding arena, and miles of horseback trails on our property. Our horseback staff cares for our horses, teaches children to ride, and creates an environment where campers appreciate the animals and learn to care for them. All Horseback staff are certified in First Aid.

Staff pose with campers on an athletics field

Our Sports staff teaches campers, leads games, organizes tournaments, and always models a spirit of healthy competition and good sportsmanship. Sports staff organizes soccer, basketball, kickball, softball, dodgeball, tennis, and many other traditional sports games. They also run more specialized programming, including archery, mountain biking, and knocker ball. Sports staff is certified in First Aid.

Campers making ceramics on pottery wheels

Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts specialists strive to help every camper and staff member embrace their own creativity and artistic side. They teach campers a wide range of activities such as beading, painting, ceramics, tie-dye, glass fusing, and so much more.

Campers pose while performing the lion king play

Overlooking Lake Wendy, the 1,000-seat Chippie Amphitheatre is the home of our Theatre program and where camp gathers to enjoy plays, musical performances, and celebrate camp-wide events. Our Theatre staff engages with campers in small groups through improv games, stage makeup classes, and on a large scale plans and executes a musical that is performed for the entire camp. Theatre staff exemplifies energy, encouragement, and acceptance.

Media staff has experience with filming and video editing. They lead activities with campers and create videos that are shared with the entire camp and posted online for families each week. They help campers brainstorm ideas for skits, music videos, “nature documentaries,” and more. With some of our age groups, they help cabins create their own unique videos to share as part of a film festival.

Campers jump into the air on an athletic field

Our talented and skilled photographers travel around camp, interacting with all campers and snapping photos to share on our website. They’re enthusiastic, friendly, organized, and have an eye for composition and capturing the moments that tell the stories of camp.

Musicians perform for an excited crowd in the dining hall

One of the most magical experiences at camp is taking part in one of our song sessions. Whether in the dining hall at the end of the meal, on stage in our amphitheater, or under the amazing roof of our Zaban Chapel during Shabbat services, our songleaders bring our entire camp community together in song. Songleaders also lead smaller activities with individual cabin groups, teaching them about music fundamentals, learning how to play instruments, or learning to sing new camp songs.

Our Dance staff loves to get the entire camp up and moving. They teach cabin groups dances to fun and catchy songs. When we’re all together and those songs come on, everyone drops what they’re doing for an impromptu dance party. This role is perfect for someone with loads of energy, natural rhythm, and a passion for dance.

At Camp Barney, our Sababa staff engages campers in age-appropriate activities to help them experience Israel culture and get a sense of what life is like in Israel.

Head Staff Positions

Unit Heads
Unit Heads supervise and manage all campers, staff, and programming for a specific age group. Unit Heads have substantial experience working with children and understand how to be successful and help others in a camp environment. They are typically at least rising college juniors.

Head Specialists
Head Specialists manage and supervise all staff, facilities, and programs specific to one specialty area. They are traditionally at least rising college juniors. Prior experience, credentials, and leadership traits are required.

Division Supervisors
Division Supervisors are typically at least rising college seniors with years of experience working with children. Division supervisors supervise a group of Unit Heads or Head Specialists. They provide support to and maintain accountability from the head staff members that they supervise.

Programming Managers
Programming Managers are typically at least rising college seniors with years of experience working with children and planning programs. Program Managers work with other staff to plan and execute special programs at camp including cabin creatives, unit programs, chugim, mass programs, and staff programs.