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Counselors & Unit Counselors

Counselors possess superb judgment, maturity, creativity, enthusiasm, and warmth, and are the prime caretakers of our campers. Counselors and Unit Counselors live in cabins with their campers and participate in activities together with their cabin group.  Counselors and Unit Counselors must be at least 18 years old or be a high school graduate.

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Program Specialists

Specialists possess the passion and skills needed to teach in one of our dynamic specialty areas, including horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, water skiing, nature crafts, technical climbing and rappelling, backpacking, tennis, mountain biking, archery, floor hockey, other field and court sports, scuba, karate, fencing, theater and drama, song leader and music, dancing, aerobics, arts and crafts, journalism, radio, videography, and Jewish education.

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Support Staff

Support staff possess specific skills and qualities to excel in a variety of positions at camp, including registered nurse (R.N.s), office administration, canteen (store) operations, transportation, dining hall and kitchen staff, child care staff, and health center assistants.

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Head Staff

Our Head Staff is comprised of Program Directors, Unit Heads, Head Specialists and Village Supervisors. Program Directors may supervise outdoor specialty areas, cultural and performing arts programs, Jewish programming, and staff programming. Unit Heads supervise and manage all campers, staff and programming for a specific age group. Head Specialists manage and supervise all staff, facilities and programs specific to their specialty area.  Our Head Staff members must be at least rising college juniors and our Village Supervisors must be at least rising college seniors.  Head Staff and Village Supervisors must possess appropriate skills, experience, credentials and leadership qualities deemed exceptional by Camp Barney’s hiring staff.