Everything We Do Has A Purpose

It’s true! Everything we do at Camp Barney is intentionally designed to provide the best possible experience for your child(ren). Everything! For example:

1. Meeting or exceeding nearly 800 national “standards” by the American Camp Association, including staffing, medical practices, food service, housing and bathroom facilities, safety and security, water and sewage treatment, communication, transportation and programming.

2. Constructing, renovating or maintaining our huge facility to be exciting, efficient, comfortable and safe.

3. Anticipating and planning for the safety and security of our property and every camper and staff member.

4. Hiring nearly 400 mature, talented, conscientious, enthusiastic, creative, and loving staff.

5. Creating a dynamic, culturally Jewish experience through Shabbat services and festivals, live performances, guest artists, mealtime prayers, music, dance, theater, games, stories, food, crafts, building and activity names, discussions, “Sababa”, and hiring approximately 20 “Shlichim” staff from Israel.

6. Developing age-appropriate activities that are challenging, meaningful and exciting. This enables measurable skill development and a mix of new and familiar activities.

7. Environmental awareness programs which engage campers in our natural world and, when possible, identify connections to our Jewish culture. i.e. campouts, trips, the garden, recycling and conservation, mitzvah projects.

8. Bunkmate groupings which recognize the desire for friends to be together, matching similar personalities and interests, blending new and returning campers from different cities/states/countries, and placing with counselors who are perfect for that particular group.

9. Designing systems that simply make excellent sense like providing delicious meals (that recognize so many different needs and wants), hiring fantastic physicians and nurses, offering the most comfortable buses to/from camp, and routinely purchasing new quality camp equipment.

10. Preparing well in advance for everything including training our staff, organizing programs, trips and schedules, reviewing all forms and information you send to us, establishing policies which enable everyone in our Camp community to feel safe and cared for, listening to feedback from families, campers, and staff, being aware of global issues, risk management, and recognizing that our problem-solving skills, judgment, humor, warmth, and relationships with each child make the most significant impact on them feeling accomplished, connected and loved.