Camp Music 🎵

Camp-Wide Favorites

You’ll hear them in the Chippie, you’ll dance to them in the Dining Hall, they’ll be playing as you walk down Chapel Road for Shabbat, they’re part of our “CBM Top 10 Songs”, they’re in our slideshow, and you may even catch our staff singing along to these all-time CBM Hits.

Dining Hall 101

Missing meals that involve dancing in between bites? Not sure you remember the name of the song you listened to on that one Tuesday during lunch? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorites that are on heavy rotation in the Dining Hall!

Israeli Dance Session

Join our Shlichim (Israeli staff) and break out those dance moves!

Good Morning from CBM

Starting your day off with camp songs automatically makes for a great day.

It’s Raining! Let’s Sing

The playlist name says it all- we love to sing about rain when it’s raining outside!